This is Mark Melton, President of ProfIT/CS.  In response to the COVID-19 epidemic and subsequent restrictions, I wanted to reach out to our business community, as most small businesses may not have the ability for their employees to actually work remotely (other than remote conference apps).  We have been helping our clients with this ability for the past 15+ years and I want to help our local small business community as much as possible.  Typically we find that there are three solutions that solve the differing needs of our clients (or some combination of the three).


  1. VPN access:

    • This is where you take your workstation (typically laptops) with you and use a VPN client to access data remotely.  This works well for things like file shares and email access, but will not work for programs like QuickBooks, Adobe CC, or most inventory management systems.  This requires specific hardware in your office to allow the secure, remote connections.

  2. Remote Control tools:

    • This is where you configure a laptop or home PC to allow users to remote control their office workstation.  This provides almost identical function to sitting in front of your workstation in the office, and also gives some capabilities for printing either at home or to an office printer.  The downside is that this requires 2 computers per person., but this allows for programs like QuickBooks to function normally.

  3. Remote Desktop services:

    • This is a server-based Remote Control option, similar to option 2 – but does not require that the user leaves their workstation at the office.  Instead we set up a server to act as a workstation for all users.  This server then allows users to connect to it to run their applications (Outlook, QuickBooks, etc).  This is one of the fastest ways to provide remote access to a group of people – especially for programs that cannot solely function with option 1.


There are other alternatives as well, but these three things typically cover most small business needs.  Our support model is to use management software to automate and monitor workstations and servers, provide anti-malware and anti-spam security services and remote access (both for us to support the client and for them to access their workstations from home).  We try to do most of our support work remotely for the sake of efficiency which also allows us to help people virtually anywhere while observing the need for quarantine.


I firmly believe that when one of us rises we all rise, and when one of us falls we all feel it.  To help out through this tough time we are making this offer:

  • We are making ourselves available for free consultations.

  • Free access, through the end of May, to our support suite (including remote workspace tools, systems management and security products) for new clients – with no contracts or strings attached.

  • 50% off of our billable service rates for setting up remote workspace capabilities.

  • Deferred payment options.


We love our community and would like to help.  Please feel free to contact us at  if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a call.

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