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Question: How do I turn off Google Instant search?


Answer: Google Instant search is a search feature that shows results as you type. Many people find this feature annoying and like to turn it off.

To turn this feature off you will need to log into your Google account to change the settings for Google Instant Search. Once you log into your Google account click on the settings icon on the top right of the page to change your Google settings. Keep in mind this icon may change as Google makes changes to its home page so if it's not there then find how to get into your Google search settings.

Once you get into settings you will look for a section that is called Google Instant and check the radio button next to Do not use Google Instant. When you are finished changing this option and any other you want to change simply click on the Save Preferences button and Google Instant will be turned off.


Question: How do I import my Internet Explorer favorites into Firefox?


Answer: Importing your Internet Explorer favorites into Firefox is a very easy process and should be pretty much the same no matter what version of Firefox you are using. From within Firefox click on the Bookmarks menu and then click on Show All Bookmarks. This will open your Firefox Bookmarks Library. Next click on Import and Backup and then choose Import HTML. Next you will be asked if you want to import from Microsoft Internet Explorer or from an HTML file. If you have exported your IE favorites to an HTML file or if you have an exported HTML file from another computer you can choose this option. If you want to import your favorites from IE running on the same computer you can choose Microsoft Internet Explorer. Then click Next and then Finish and you should have your IE favorites as bookmarks in Firefox in a subfolder called From Internet Explorer. If you want to put your IE favorites with your current Firefox bookmarks then you can drag the items from the From Internet Explorer folder into your Bookmarks Menu


Question: Is it necessary to install Windows updates?


Answer:  You technically don't have to install Windows updates but you should install them. Windows updates include many things such as security patches, service packs, software updates, anti malware definitions and new features. The most important updates are the security patches since they are distributed to make your computer safer and less vulnerable to outside attacks.

You can have Windows updates download and install automatically by going to the Windows Update utility in control panel. Or you can manually download and install them by going to the Windows Update website. Keep in mind there is a Windows Update feature which only updates Windows and a Microsoft Update feature which will update other Microsoft software. 



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