Your company’s technology needs are unique. PCS helps you determine those needs and handles every aspect of building your IT infrastructure. Once your computer network is in place, we provide continual monitoring and backup so that your company is protected at all times.


We build our industry’s best practices into every aspect of our services. Our experienced IT Professionals provide computer services and, when needed, hardware and software that keep things running smoothly. Why complicate your business by having several companies monitoring various aspects of your business when PCS can do it for you?

Managed & Monitored
Services (MMS)​




MMS cover the following services:


  • 24 hour per day System Monitoring and Alerts

  • MS-Exchange Email Monitoring

  • Backup Job Monitoring

  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware update Monitoring

  • Server and desktop Anti-virus protection

  • Desktop Spyware protection

  • Patch Management

  • Asset Management

  • Support Tickets

  • Remote Support

  • Reporting

Network Installation

& Support

PCS can plan and implement a new computer network or expand your existing network. We build and maintain LANs and include options for Remote Access Support (RAS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access.


  • Design and install a new LAN

  • Enhance current LANs

  • Options for Remote Access Support, (RAS)

  • Options for Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Remote & Onsite Support

PCS offers a combination of Remote and On Site support, providing excellent support.

Utilizing Remote and On Site services improves overall IT performance as well lowering cost.


  • Remote network and software support

  • Secure (encrypted) remote control software

  • Onsite “hands on” support

  • Onsite project based support

  • Onsite set-up and installation

  • Optional Total Care "all inclusive" break/fix support


Starting with the most current version of Microsoft Office or Outlook email, we offer a long list of the latest versions of standard software titles instantly delivered to your desktops individually. These applications are accessible from any computer, anywhere at anytime. Version upgrades are free and accessible upon availability. Quantum services allow you to avoid capital outlay for hardware and software by providing a convenient monthly service that allows you to only pay for the services you need, when you need them. No more worries about buying the right size server. The following is a list of some of the Quantum services offered by PCS:

  • Managed security solutions

  • Managed virtual server environments

  • Low investment and rapid deployment solutions

  • Private cloud solutions

  • Hosted services

  • Backup

Email Setup  & Support​


PCS helps your company realize the benefits of email by installing, configuring, and supporting your email system.

The PCS package includes all the necessary hardware and software to create a fully operational email system, as well as training for your end-users and the appropriate maintenance of email addresses, mailing groups, and email log files


            & Recovery

Regular backup of your data is absolutely necessary, as is offsite storage of that backed up data. Backups must be tested periodically to assure that processes are successfully completed.


PCS plans and implements a fail-safe backup procedure that protects your company's data from loss and maintains off-site storage of your data.

Professiona IT & Computer Services

Professional IT & Computer Services


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