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Our Vision

You will love IT

Professional Computer Services (PCS) uses solid network design, proactive management, bulletproof security and seamless connectivity, so before problems even start:

We Solve IT.

Message from our President

 For over 20 years PCS has been providing innovative and stable IT solutions to the local area including Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Iredell and beyond.  From start-up entrepreneurs to regional multi-site enterprises, we value your business.


No IT professional needs to be on the own. We provide expertise to help bolster your team. From complicated projects to daily management we are your source to increase productivity and advance your business objectives.


No business is too small to have expert IT. For small business owners, primed to grow but new to IT, we are trained in ELI5 (explain it like I'm 5). We help you chart an IT path while keeping prices right for business growth.

Whether you need help understanding IT, securing the most sensitive data, converting to distributed off-site office space, or planning large-scale multi-site network expansion: We Solve IT. Balancing wise and innovative solutions we are confident:

You will love IT.

-Mark Melton


Balance. Wisdom.

Timeless stability partnered with innovative advance.

At PCS that is our passion. It's what sets us apart. Too often the tech industry is devoid of this tension. Without it, IT environments become volatile and vulnerable. But that balance is hard to reach and for many the tension is too much.


This is what we do at PCS: 

We Solve IT, so You Will Love IT.


Timeless Stability: We work to understand your business, identify critical processes, develop strategy and enact the right plan for you.

Innovative Advance: Evolving technology and ever-changing security is what drives the IT industry.  Technology is always pushing forward; we help IT advance in the right direction for you. 

Relax. We are comfortable in the tension. Our solutions are tailor made to your business size, model and industry. 

Experienced Leadership

Message from President
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